Air Quality

Toshiba air conditioning systems purify the air in several stages and thereby ensure the released air is not only clean but also free of odour.

Different filters are used depending on the model, which continuously optimise the air quality.

Dust Filter

Dust FilterLarge washable plastic filters cover the entire heat exchanger and purify the air by taking in contaminants and dust particles.


IAQ Filter

IAQ FilterThese are special filter strips containing natural substances such as silver and lactic acid bacteria, which are especially affective against viruses and bacteria.

3:1 Filter

3:1 FilterAn active carbon catechin coating supports the normal filter function against bacteria and odour.

Plasma Filter

Plasma FilterThe two-stage, highly-efficient electric air purifier can filter out very tiny particles from the air. This is made possible by electrically charging the dust particles that then attach to the collector.

SUPER ionizer

SUPER ionizerBrand new in the program, developed by TOSHIBA, is the SUPER ionizer, which is in addition to the plasma filter actively against impurities. The tiny ions, which make up just one-thousandth of a Nano, enclose the unwanted particles and render them harmless in this way. In addition, the "super ions" have a positive effect on the elasticity and moisture content of the epidermis. The SUPER ionizer is exclusively installed in the models of the series Super Daiseikai 8 and guarantees together with the highly efficient plasma filter a perfect, clean indoor climate.

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