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SUZUMI PLUS - wall air conditioner

Suzumi Plus
Das zeitlose Design mit einem flachen Paneel passt gut in jegliches Rauminterieur, wobei das Gerät sehr gute Effizienzwerte erreicht. Eine große Luftleitlamelle garantiert eine optimale Luftstromverteilung.
  • Great energy efficienc
  • IAQ Filter System: Special filters containing silver and lactic acid bacteria work powerfully to combat bacteria and neutralise odour.
  • Three performance classes

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With its compact dimensions, the 4-way cassette is easily able to integrate into existing Euro pattern ceilings. The unit?s low height eases the installation process and offers a vast number of application possibilities.
  • Optically attractive ceiling panel with four air guide vents
  • Highly efficient
  • Includes condensate drain pump

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Console - Inverter for the Perimeter Field

The easy to use console unit is intuitively designed and covers a wide range of requirements. The variable setting options for the air output are sure to meet everyone?s needs.
  • Great energy efficiency
  • Variable control of the air output
  • Large centrifugal fans ensure optimal air distribution with minimal noise

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Super Daiseikai 6.5 - Inverter Wall Air Conditioners

Super Daiseikai 6.5
Packaged inside the Super Daiseikai 6.5 modern design is a highly efficient air conditioner, which not only delivers extremely economical operation but is also equipped with a plasma filter. Additionally, the air ioniser improves air quality through the production of negative air ions.
  • Multi-Stage filter system including electric air purifier
  • Powerful performance with minimal power consumption
  • Air ioniser

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Ducted model

Ducted model
Duct units are ideal for installation in suspended ceilings and are invisible to the user except for the panels.
In the multi-version you benefit from reduced installation costs and substantial space savings.
  • Compact design, only 210 mm height
  • Low noise level
  • Large energy savings through the fan motor

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