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Air Conditioners for Industry Use

VRF systems offer a thorough amount of options for guaranteeing the thermal comfort of offices, industry buildings and hotels. They are easy to plan out, can be individually operated by the user and require little space for the installation. Thanks to their modular construction, VRF systems from Toshiba are predestined for upgrades in older buildings, yet also equally offer many benefits for installations in new buildings.

Super Modular Multi

Super Modular Multi

Excellent efficiency levels during partial load ? through the use of three inverters and three hyper-modern compressors it is possible to accurately distribute the loads and optimise the system to a very high level.

  • Performance ratings (COP) up to 6.41 (during partial load of 50%)
  • Complete system control through intelligent control of the refrigerant current
  • Versatile possibilities for planning through key piping lengths
  • 100% inverter regulation
  • Highly accurate stabilisation of the compressor speed


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The performance range of a VRF system is between 12 kW and 150 kW. As in all other Toshiba product lines, energy efficiency is top priority; this is achieved through the cooperation of many components in peak areas, which clearly distinguishes itself from the competition.

MiNi Super Modular Multi

MiNi Super Modular Multi

The MiNi series is a seriously compact system with especially quiet outside units. Even the "smaller" version of the Super Modular Multi System can be comprised of up to nine inside units in one system and be supplied by a single outside unit.

  • Dual inverter compressors for best efficiency
  • A large selection of inside units
  • Easy installation by way of compact outside units
  • Low-noise level
  • Many control options


MiNi Super Modular Multi - Products

You can receive a competent consultation for VRF systems by one of our partners at your local air conditioning dealership. These businesses are regularly trained /schooled and are familiar with all of the specifications of the units.
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S-HRM Heat Recovery System

S-HRM Heat Recovery System

The innovation of this model predominantly lies in its capability to simultaneously cool and heat within a single system. Allowing, for example, the warmth from a server room to be removed and routed to another room for the use of heating.

  • Optimal comfort during higher energy efficiency
  • Simultaneous cooling and heating
  • Comprehensive safety devices within system
  • Very compact construction
  • High flexibility of lines


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