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Sensitive goods need a defined climate

Sensitive goods need a defined climate

The market town of Paternion - conveniently located on the Tauern highway - offers the perfect location for a specialized transshipment warehouse for highly sensitive freight from KSK Transport & Logistics GmbH. Medicines, liquid food for hospitals or high-tech electronic components, also for the medical sector, are logistically processed here. In addition to the 900 m2 transshipment hall, the building areas also include offices as well as technical and social rooms.

EBA Cooling owner & managing director Alexander Ebenwalder knew from experience with several special projects in recent years that he could rely on the two TOSHIBA basic virtues of reliability and efficiency. With the help of the easy-to-use selection tool software, he created two redundant systems that were precisely tailored to customer requirements from the extensive component pool of the 2-pipe VRF system. As regards the indoor units for the most sensitive main area - the large transshipment hall with its external air-decoupled truck delivery gates - it was decided to use a combination of six under-ceiling units and two 4-way cassettes.


Hot water preparation & sustainability included

In the office area, social and technical rooms, the choice fell on the wall-mounted unit design, which has proven itself a million times: inconspicuous, uncomplicated assembly and quiet operation with simple operation. Alexander Ebenwalder brought a highly practical additional benefit to the VRF system: “Many operators do not even know that this system also offers the option of preparing hot water in a highly efficient manner. It was immediately clear to me that this was a perfect application for an MT-HWM (Mid-Temperature Hot Water Module)."


  • Transhipment warehouse for sensitive medical products

  • Sensitivity in relation to the storage and handling climate: constant + 25 ° C, stable 24/7 operation for cooling and heating

Air conditioning technology, planning and installation

EBA Cooling Systems GmbH
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