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The Perfect Temperature

Cooling and Heating at Home with TOSHIBA

A multi-system was installed in a newly-built 100 m² ‘tiny house’ in Vienna. A 2.5 kW Suzumi Plus high-wall unit in each of the bedrooms and guest rooms and a 5 kW console in the open-plan living and dining area take care of cooling.

An air conditioning system is also extremely useful during the transitional months, as it can also be used for heating to instantly warm rooms up to a comfortable temperature. Installation of the air conditioning system and multi outdoor unit is straightforward and can be completed by the specialists at Richard Stefek in under a day. Our tip: If you’re involved in a new build, make sure you plan for the air conditioning system right from the outset. This way the necessary copper and electricity cables and outlet pipes can be installed during the build and you don’t need to worry about chasing out walls later on.

The hot water and heating for this detached house is supplied by an 8 kW ESTIA HIPOWER air-to-water heat pump from TOSHIBA. This consists of an outdoor unit and the Hydrobox as an indoor unit. This Hydrobox supplies the underfloor heating which totals approximately 120 m² (including the heated basement) and the hot water tank.

The infrared remote control makes it easy for residents to set the perfect indoor temperature.

So, all your cooling and heating needs can be supplied from a single source with minimal installation and maintenance work. Our partner Richard Stefek would be pleased to advise you on the perfect air conditioning solution for your home.


  • ‘Tiny house’ in Vienna
  • Move-in date: Spring 2018

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Richard Stefek Refrigeration and air conditioning technology

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