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Single- vs. multi-room solutions

TOSHIBA business applications distinguish between two systems:

RAV single-room solution

The single-room solution for smaller commercial applications, such as offices, shop floors, or plant rooms, where reliability is paramount and long-term operation is possible. Up to four indoor units of the same design can be connected to an outdoor unit. The nominal cooling capacity is between 2.5 kW and 23 kW.

Advantages of the single-room solution:


The units can be used for a small room right through to a large shop.

Up to four indoor units

Several indoor units can be combined for optimum air distribution.

Cooling or heating

The system cools or heats the room as desired, so it can be operated all year round.

24 h continuous operation possible

Plant rooms, storage rooms, or laboratories need a precisely defined indoor climate all year round.


A 12 m2 server room is being kept at a constant temperature during 24h of continuous operation using a TOSHIBA air conditioning system. The system being used offers the highest operating safety.

VRF multi-room solution

Air conditioners for complex installations in large structures, such as office buildings, shopping centers, or hotels. This system offers maximum flexibility. Up to 64 indoor units can be combined in one refrigeration cycle. The nominal cooling capacity is up to 168 kW per refrigeration cycle.

Advantages of the multi-room solution:

Maximum system flexibility

An overall pipe length of up to 1,000 m and a height difference of up to 90 m leave nothing to be desired.

Up to 64 indoor units

A maximum of 64 indoor units are integrated in one refrigeration cycle. Several refrigeration cycles can be combined.

Heating and cooling at the same time

Independent cooling and heating is possible at the same time in different rooms or areas of buildings using a 3-pipe system.

Heat recovery

The heat energy absorbed from one area of the building can be made available for heating other rooms with virtually no heat loss.

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